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This particular page is dedicated to the four cats that own our house and let us live there with them. :-)

Nacho-Binacho Kitten
[Picture of Nacho sitting in box] [Picture of Nacho in kitchen] [Picture of Nacho sitting on toolbox]

Nacho is a very sweet-natured 9-pound three-year-old golden-brown long-haired male cat. He's very curious but also very around strangers (when guests come over he goes upstairs to BRAVELY guard the closet!), but he's extremely cuddly when he gets to know someone (by far the cuddliest of the four).

Nacho absolutely loves to sit in boxes and hide in paper shopping bags, and he also spends a lot of time sitting on the back of the recliner in our living room when I'm sitting there (when he's not with Sarrah, anyway). He sleeps on the bed with us almost every night, and he's very attached to Sarrah -- he rides on her shoulder a lot around the house.

Bebe Kitty (aka "The Holy Terror")
[Picture of Bebe in kitchen] [Picture of Bebe on fridge]

Bebe is a small 6-pound sleek black-and-white short-haired female cat who is a little over a year old now. She is absolutely fearless -- we have to scold her sometimes for taking chances (leaning out the library railing into the living room below, for example), but she's also a sweet kitty around people and she likes to be held.

Bebe is a sink kitty, meaning she likes sleeping in round things like bathroom sinks and such, and she also like lying across the stairs and daring the other cats to cross. She likes to play with Nacho (though sometimes more than Nacho wants to), and she teases Suki a lot (which sometimes results in a flurry of paws and a hasty retreat). She also likes hiding in boxes and shopping bags, and sometimes she and Nacho run into problems if they want to get inside the same one. Their sparring is usually in fun, though.

Bouncing Baby Bongo Boy
[Picture of Bongo on chair]

Bongo is a six-year-old 14-pound long-haired gray male cat who looks imposing but has a very tiny meow that's almost funny to hear. He's relatively friendly, though a little cautious around strangers, and he spends a lot of time on the recliner cuddled inside my arm when I'm sitting there or sitting on it by himself when I'm not.

Bongo is usually the one to come up on the bed to wake me up in the morning (he hears the sounds of movement and comes up to see), and he'll sometimes sleep there with me when I sleep in on the weekends. He's also the fussiest eater of the four, and doesn't seem to like the canned food that Sarrah lets them have once a week (they mainly live on Science Diet dry food).

Suki, Princess of Meatloafia
[Picture of Suki under table] [Picture of Suki on cupboard]

Suki is a seven-year old 10-pound medium-haired female cat who spends most of her time sitting either on the living room couch or under the coffee table. She's not as friendly with people as the other cats, though she likes to have her head petted and will usually tolerate being picked up, and she has a tendency to growl when she's unhappy, or when Bebe gets too close.

Suki likes to "dance" when she's happy -- she'll alternatively lift up each of her front feet and put them down again on your tummy, and it's kind of funny to watch. She can keep doing that for hours, I guess, if you let her. She's also relatively vocal, and you can have conversations with her when she's in the mood. Bebe drives her crazy. Bebe will sit down within a few feet of her and roll over on her back, daring Suki to respond. Most of the time, Suki just growls.

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