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Summary of Qualifications

Technical Skills

Development Environments: Solaris, Workshop, Linux, DDD, Sybase/SQL, Unisys OS1100/OS2200, Tuxedo, Unisys A-Series MCP (MARC), TIP/HVTIP, USAS, UNIMATIC/AIS, COMS, DPS, DMS1100, DMS II, RDMS/SQL, Open/OLTP, OS/2, VAX/VMS, NetBeans/BlueJ

Languages: C, awk, perl, Unix shell scripting (bash and sh), COBOL, SQL, FORTRAN, FDMLP, MASM1100, ECL, WFL, CALL, SSG, Pascal, REXX, BASIC, HTML, Java

Development Tools: sccs, cscope, Sun Workshop, DDD/gdb, IACULL, FormGEN, SCSCCF, PCR, TTS/ScriptGEN, PSIGEN, CANDE, DMS/INQUIRY, TSO/ISPF, ChangeMan, InfoMan, HEAT

Work Experience

VENTURI PARTNERS, Golden Valley, MN 2002-2003

Worked as a consultant for eight (8) months in a Unisys A-series MCP/MARC mainframe environment at Viracon, Inc., in Owatonna, MN, as part of a three-person programming team. My role was primarily as a software developer working in Viracon's main production control and reporting application, and involved the creation of new data-entry screens and programs using COBOL + DMSII, the design and implemention of printed production reports and invoices, and the creation/modification of WFL runstreams.


Worked as an applications analyst, designer, developer, and support programmer for eight (8) years in a Unisys 2200-series (OS2200) TIP mainframe transaction environment, and additionally (and in parallel) as a support programmer for roughly a year in a Solaris-based Unix and Sybase/SQL environment.

Applications Developer, WorldFlight (2001 - 2002)

Senior Applications Analyst, WorldFlight (1998 - 2001)

Applications Analyst, WorldFlight (1995 - 1998)

Senior Applications Associate, WorldFlight (1993 - 1995)


Systems Programmer, Unisys Airline Center, USAS*ACR (1992 - 1993)

Systems Programmer, Unisys Airline Center, USAS*CGO (1991 - 1992)
Assoc. Systems Programmer, Unisys Airline Center, USAS*CGO (1990 - 1991)

Systems Analyst, Complex Systems, On-Site Contractor at NWA (1990)
Associate Systems Analyst, Complex Systems, On-Site Contractor at NWA (1988 - 1990)


B.S., Computer Science, Mankato State University (Systems Programming, Minor in Mathematics)

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