[What OSes do I use?]

I've been fortunate enough to use a number of different operating systems both at home and at work. Some of them I use out of necessity (my employer either requires their use or makes them very difficult to avoid using), while others are OSes that I've chosen to use either at home or at work for various reasons.

The main operating systems I used at my last contract site are as follows:

When I worked at NWA, the main operating systems I used were as follows:

At home, the main operating systems I use are as follows:

I also have a few other operating systems installed here that I play with from time to time. Right now, the main two are Solaris 7 for Intel and FreeBSD 3.3. QNXRtp is on my radar, though, and will be installed soon.

To see some screen snapshots of some of my PC desktops, check this out!

To see some fairly current pictures of my favorite desktop OS (OS/2 Warp 4), check this out as well.

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